Upload your license and credentialing documents to Dropbox

This is set up so you can easily retrieve these documents when you need them.


  1. Log into Dropbox
  2. Enter your Mass General Brigham email in the Email field.
    1. For example, use your email ending in @partners.org, @mgh.harvard.edu or @bwh.harvard.edu, etc. Single sign-on will become enabled.

  1. Click “Continue.” You will be brought to your personal Mass General Brigham Dropbox.
  2. Create a folder called “Licensing and Credentialing Documents.”
  3. Create subfolders:
    1. State license
    2. Hospital credentialing
    3. Board Certifications
    4. DEAs
  4. Save copies of your license applications, license, certifications, State and Federal DEAs, etc., here. Feel free to save other items if they are helpful to you.
  5. Your documents will be available to you anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection.