Q. What is the Board of Registration in Medicine website link for all information regarding renewing my license & fees?

A. If you want further details, please link to Board of Registration in Medicine (BORIM):


Q. I hear there are two different types of credits. What is the difference between AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM and AMA PRA Category 2 CreditsTM?

A. Please see documentation that defines each category of AMA PRA credit types: PDF icon Category 1 vs Category 2.pdf


Q. Do I need to submit my CMEs with my application renewal form?

A. Physicians do not submit documentation of CME credits when they're filling out their license application on the BORIM site. In case you are audited by the BORIM, the MGB licensing site will help you document the credits you attested to when you filled out your license application. 


Q. Should I save my wallet license card?

A. Yes, save a copy of your wallet license card, along with the BORIM application form. 


Q. When you credential separately, you may be interested in seeing what the MGB Central Credentialing Office has on file for you. How do I access this information?

A. You can access your provider profile via EPriv: /  Please see additional document: fileMGB Central Credentialing Office EPRIV.docx


Q. Can you provide additional information on NH re-licensure requirements?

A. Please see this document: PDF icon BORIM_New Hampshire_Requirements.pdf


Q. What do I do if I'm unable to complete the CME requirements by date of license renewal?

A. CME Waiver Request Form must be completed and submitted with the license renewal form to the Board no later than 30 days prior to the renewal date. Visit the Board's website at Board of Registration in Medicine | for specific details and the CME Waiver Request Form and instructions.


Q. What are the differences in requirements for a full license vs. other contingencies?

A. See chart below, or download a PDF copy PDF icon here



Q. Is there more detailed information on the CME requirements?

A. Click on this link for more details: CME Requirement Details


Q. Can I upload my transcript from the medical society I use?

A. Yes. Please ensure you have not counted twice any credit from an outside source with what you've done on this MGB enterprise learning management platform.


Q. How do I view my credits claimed on this MGB enterprise learning management platform, as a list?

A.  PDF iconHow to View Credits Claimed on Mass General Brigham CPD Website.pdf


Q. How do I add external credits to my MGB enterprise learning management platform transcript?

A. PDF iconHow to Add External Credits to Your Transcript


Q. How do I view my transcript as a downloadable PDF?

A. PDF iconHow to View Your Transcript of All Your Credits (Filterable by Birthdate)