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EDUx is a live-audience recording event.

I give my permission, as shown below, to be interviewed, photographed, video/audio recorded, or broadcast/webcast live, (each a “Recording”), during the ECOTE Symposium 2020 as a member of the audience.

I am consenting to:  Video Recording/Motion Pictures and Photographs/Digital Images                                       

I agree that the Hospital may use these Recordings and my information for

Education and training:      

  1. Within the Massachusetts General Hospital and its affiliates (“the Hospital”)
  2. Outside of the Hospital

Inform the public about clinical, educational, scientific, and charitable activities or services of the Hospital in conjunction with:

  1. Live or taped television, radio or internet broadcasts
  2. Publications including, but not limited to, articles in a medical journal, newspaper, hospital magazine/newsletter/website, print/online
  3. Other purposes deemed appropriate by Hospital

All information provided by me during the Recordings may be used and disclosed for these uses.  This may include personal or health information about me.  I understand this is voluntary and I will not be paid. 

I also understand and agree to these conditions:

  • I grant and release to the Hospital all rights, title and interest that I may have in these Recordings.  I grant my consent to copyright, use, and reuse of the Recordings.  I understand that I will not receive, and am giving up any claim to receive, any payment or royalties in connection with any use of the Recordings. 
  • Only individuals who are approved by the Hospital shall conduct or produce the Recordings.
  • If any of my Recordings are given to a third party outside the Hospital, such as the media, the Hospital cannot control how they will use or share the Recordings.
  • My Recordings may be edited, modified, or retouched for artistic and graphic production reasons or to withhold identity.