Mass General Brigham Continuing Professional Development is the system-wide sponsor for the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Portfolio Program. We help Mass General Brigham-affiliated physicians and physician assistants fulfill ABMS Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC®) Improvement in Medical Practice (Part IV) requirements. Our goal is for you to receive credit for work you are already doing that is meaningful to you.

We can now support awarding MOC credits for:

  • Authors of Quality Improvement Posters
  • Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Leaders
  • Physicians and PAs who use educational activities to improve practice
  • Participants in Traditional Quality Improvement Projects

What do you have to do?

Decide what type(s) of QI work you would like to submit using the chart below. Submit your work or request information using the links provided. The deadline to submit completed work for 2022 is November 18, 2022.

Type of QI Work

Basic Requirements

Who Should Submit

How to Submit or Request Information

Quality Improvement Poster

Poster must:
•   Include Aim Statement or SMART Goal, measures and interventions.
•   Have been presented at a conference, symposium, or other organizational event.

Authors of Quality Improvement Posters

Email us for more information

Quality/Patient Safety Leadership

You must:
•   Be a quality or patient safety leader.
•   Describe the training or quality improvement/patient safety work completed for your role.

Quality/Patient Safety Leaders

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Practice Improvement for Continuing Education Participants

You must:
•   Describe your quality improvement goal to address gaps in outcomes or care delivery.
•    Review data related to your goal.
•    Participate in an education activity.
•    Reflect on and attest to your QI work.

Participants in continuing education activities who implement changes and review data to improve their practice

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Traditional QI Projects

You must:
•   Analyze the problem and the current process, identify potential root causes.
•   Test interventions.
•   Collect baseline and change data.
•   Reflect on and attest to your QI work.

Individuals, teams, practices, departments or hospitals that implement quality improvement projects

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What will you receive?

You will receive credit for completion of a project through the ABMS Portfolio Program. Depending on your board, the credit will fulfill all or part of your improvement in medical practice/Part IV MOC requirement. Here is a link to participating boards: https://mocportfolioprogram.org/about-us/abms-member-board-participation/.

Questions or comments

Please email us at phsmoc@partners.org