BWPO QIP Department Measure: In-Person Antiracism and Trauma-informed (ART) De-escalation Training Session

In order to complete this activity, you need to participate in a 2-hour-long interdisciplinary simulation-based training program designed to review and practice a team-based de-escalation framework while reviewing local data on health equity and incorporating trauma-informed care principles into emergency care. Faculty members who have participated in this training through August 2022 at BWH and BWFH will receive credit for this measure during this QIP cycle. Please press the "Take Course" button and you will be linked to a sign up sheet and be able to complete the attestation form. 

*This measure will be available again for the next QIP cycle for faculty completing the training after August 2022.* 

If you have any questions on this activity, please reach out to: Dr. Dana Im (DIM@BWH.HARVARD.EDU)

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