1. Workflow for Hospital Coordinators_RSS
    PDF icon Workflow for Hospital Coordinators_RSS.pdf
    • This document provides workflows for series coordinators. This is an internal document that should remain within the department. This document outlines how to upload disclosure forms to a session before the session, and how to obtain the SMS code for participants to text-in their attendance. Please note: the SMS code will not be available until the session has been approved by Emily Welch (this process is outlined in the document)
  2. SMS Attendance Instructions_RSS
    PDF icon SMS Attendance Instructions_RSS.pdf
    • These instructions are to be provided to attendees onsite at all sessions. Please note: the SMS code is randomly generated and will be different for each session
  3. Evaluation Instructions_RSS
    PDF icon Evaluation Instructions_RSS.pdf
    • These instructions should be provided onsite at all sessions too. These instructions outline the process for attendees to complete the evaluation and claim their credit for the session