This discussion board is a place for participants of the live or on-demand webinar "Supporting Our Continuing Education Community Webinar: Sharing Covid Learning Resources" to share experiences in using the tools and resources presented.

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A robust collection of internal and external resources put out by MGH and MGB. Very helpful when trying to find accurate and trustworthy information throughout COVID-19. I knew I could count on our hospital to share the most up to date and accurate information for our staff and communities.  

Bridgette Carrier replied on

I agree with Bridgette - with so much uncertainty during the pandemic, I found reassurance in knowing that our hospitals/system had some of the most up-to-date & accurate information regarding COVID-19. The general public was learning alongside the physicians & other medical providers.

Maxine Harney replied on

One of the goals of this webinar was to: explain the importance of interprofessional and interdisciplinary collaboration in advancing health professions education to support patient care. Have you used the information from the webinar to promote interprofessional collaboration? Please share your experiences here.

Rose Desilets replied on

COVID-19 has solidified more than ever the need to work in interprofessional & interdisciplinary teams to advance healthcare and support our patients holistically. This webinar helped reinforce this idea and provided a great outline on how to do so. 

Bridgette Carrier replied on

This post is a general discussion area.

Rose Desilets replied on

Great presentation by Jim Gordon. Comprehensive overview of the resources that were stood up very quickly to be able to provide trustworthy content to our MGB community. Extremely impressive work by our institution! 

Bridgette Carrier replied on


I watched the video and received an error when I texted the code - how can I receive credit for watching the video?

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