This bystander education course will provide employees with an understanding of how interpersonal racism continues to support and maintain systemic racism. Through scenario-based learning, participants will develop skills for recognizing racial bias and confronting discrimination. An overview of related Human Resources policies and practices will be given to support employees in actively dismantling racism within Mass General Brigham.

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I agree as the four different scenarios allowed for understanding of various types of injustices and ways to resolve them and grow as an establishment

Emily Maggiacomo replied on

I agree as the four different scenarios

Almas Tamouni replied on

I wish this training would become a requirement for all employers/employees across the country. Very well done.

Jennifer Heinly replied on

I agree that this should be a prerequisite everywhere. I learned a lot of this in college, and it's great to see it enter the workplace more.

Joseph Connolly replied on

I agree. I think making this a requirement would allow people to not only learn more on the topic, but it also brings more awareness on the matter and how to solve the issue.

Ronitcia Pires Daveiga replied on

I agree! I wish our school has this too

Gi Han replied on

This was a very helpful training!

Emma Sutherland replied on

I agree!


Randie Black-Schaffer replied on

A very thoughtful training.

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Andrew Wu replied on

I really liked how it showed the perspective of many different employees throughout one organization! 

Lauren Ginsberg replied on

I agree, Claudia! This content was very well put together and easy to navigate.

Heather Morrell replied on

I agree this was very helpful in helping understand diversity and issues towards it 

Annetta Ream replied on

It was well put together and hopefully it will help someone in the future who didnt recognize their issues before.

Keisha Davis replied on

I agree. I felt the scenarios were more engaging than simply reading information

Kathryn Alcott replied on

I agree, well presented information that is applicable to daily work.

Rebecca Cantor replied on

The formatting made it very easy to see multiple viewpoints.

Josephine Daab replied on

I like being able to try out the perspectives of different employees.

Sara Howard replied on

I agree, but I think that we all have to improve on speaking up and standing up for others when scenarios similar to the ones shown in the lesson occur in real life.

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Elizabeth Lewis replied on

I second that. We definitely need to be better at speaking up when situations like these occur.

Regan Thibault replied on

I agree!

Madeline Johnson replied on

I agree! it is easy to watch these videos, but when put in these scenarios in real life, some people would find it difficult to stand up to those creating an issue. 

Sarah Butler replied on

Couldn't agree more!

Katherine Clark replied on

agree !

James,M.D.,Ph.D. Rhee replied on

I agree!

Kaitlyn Prioleau replied on

I agree!

Savannah Lopes replied on

I agree!

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Michael Blake replied on

A good reminder of all the ways that I am guilty of unconscious bias, insensitivity and falling short of making our work environment a better version of itself.

Tracy Zinner replied on

I agree

Paulette Chandler replied on

The word "Humbling" stood out to me.  There is a lot of bias that goes unchecked and it's all our responsibility to look for it, call it out, and change it.  

Galina Stolz replied on

Well put!

Sarah Knoll replied on

Couldn't agree more. 

Paige Alexander replied on

I couldn't agree more! I think we all could improve on speaking up for others and using our voices more in these situations.

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James,M.D.,Ph.D. Rhee replied on

I agree!

Elaine Woods replied on

I agree.  we all need to work on speaking up for others.

Ann Neumeyer replied on

We all have a responsibility to each other

Edmund Earle replied on

Yes. We to improve standing up for others. These scenarios were eye opening and well done.

Brenna Westover replied on

Totally agree!

Jacqueline Mullen replied on

Very well done!

Vinit Oommen replied on