Welcome to the Series Coordinators learning group!

This group will act as a private discussion/help forum for in-hospital series coordinators. As a member of this group, you will have access to a number of video tutorials, as well as PDFs that outline step-by-step instructions. We encourage you to post comments/concerns/questions and correspond with other members of the group. Our hope is that it will provide feedback and suggestions to help facilitate an easier and more efficient way of conducting your series. 


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Series Coordinator Support Meetings

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Documents & Forms

See below for the latest version of the documents and Forms

Document/Form Name


to use the Document


Disclosure Form

  • All planners, speakers, moderators and content developers must complete this form.
  • CPD must receive all planner disclosure forms before we will grant administrative access to the series website.
File Document 1 Disclosure form (disclosure and attestation attachments) 2024.docx
Mitigation Form
  • A planner with no disclosures should complete this form when a speaker or p

Microsoft Office document icon Document 2 Mitigation Form 2024.doc

Speaker Attestation Form

  • A speaker needs to complete when a planner selects attestation as a mitigation strategy.
File Document 7 Speaker Attestation Form.docx

Copyright & Consent Form

  •  Required for all speakers when an activity is recorded
File Copyright & Consent form.docx

Employee - Owner Content Review Form

  • A planner should complete this form when the CPD team requests a copy of the presentation
File Employee - Owner Content Review Form.docx

Presentation Review Checklist

  • A checklist to assist with reviewing a presentation
File Presentation Review Checklist.docx

Risk Management Request Form

  • To assess if a session is designed to meet the criteria for risk management in Massachusetts, This form should be completed by a planner when risk is being requested for a session
    Please note: the form is not required for an M&M session
File Risk Management Request Form.docx

List of Verbs for Formulating Objectives

  • A list of verbs to assist with formulating an objective for a series
PDF icon list of verbs for formulating objectives.pdf


  • Template for sending announcements
    Please note: Include the CPD office (partnerscpd@partners.org) in your distribution list for all email announcements throughout the series
Microsoft Office document icon Document 5 Announcement Template 2023.doc

Disclosure Summary Slides

  • For RSS series - a template created for your series will be provided prior to the series start date.

CME for MOC Program Guide

  • Download the latest version of the CME for Maintenance of Certification Program Guide


Patient Safety MOC Credit Request Form

  • A planner should complete this form when the patent safety is requested for ABA MOC II
File MGH & BWH - American Board of Anesthesiologists Patient Safety MOC Credit Request Form 082522.docx

Session Information Form

  • Template to be completed when additional information is needed for session at Final Check-in
File Document 4 Session Information RSS 2023.docx